Wednesday, July 16, 2014

MOTD: dark lips and neutral eyes

So I decide to do this simple statement look and it was very easy! 
For my eyes I used smashbox soft box shadow. I got it for a gift and it's a very natural pallette. For the lashes, I used this mini mascara my Elizabeth Mott that works wayy better than i expected. I'm put like 3 coats on and it still didn't clump. :D

 So moving to my lips...for the perfect matte vampire lip, I used jordanacosmetics matte lipstick in #20 eggplant. 
I love the pigmentation and how it smells like vanilla <3 make sure lips are prepped and you use lip liner before putting it on. 

I used brown eyeshadow powder for my eye brows and tarte Amazonian clay foundation for my face. 

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Monday, July 14, 2014

When you have green hair

For some who don't know this, around two months ago, I dyed my hair black and green. My natural hair color is brown and before the black and green, it was this nasty pinkish red color. Lol. But anyways, with un natural colored hair, hair care could be a little different for you. 

Showering and shampoo makes your hair fade if it's colored. Of course I gotta bathe but I changed my route a bit to prevent color fade. I like to shower every other day. And the days I don't shower, I use this.  
If you have dyed hair, this is your best friend, it basically washes your hair without harsh ingredients from regular shampoo that'll make your hair fade. 

The days I do shower, I use conditioner first on the green parts (conditioner doesn't really make your hair fade) and then I use just a drop of shampoo. It makes some of the dye come out but not much. 

So the actual hair dye, I get it from the mall. The black hair dye is permanent and i got it from the drugstore. I think it was was like 4 bucks and it worked really well. The green hair dye is manic panic and Raw. I usually get the manic panic in this lime green color called "electric lizard" and the Raw is a dark green called "super green." 
For each time I re dye my hair. I end up using two bottles. (a little less) I like to mixed the light and dark green. And I have to re touch my hair around every 3 weeks :P 
(My hair before I redid it yesterday)
(My hair after I redid it) ^_^
If you guys have suggestions of something for me to post, comment below. :) 

Thursday, June 12, 2014

Welcome to my blog!

This will be the typical beginning of a new blog. 
Through some time alot of people have told me to start a blog because of my style. 
It's a very big compliment to get but hard when you don't know how to blog. I want to try it out but it will not only be about one thing I guess since i sometimes have alot of stuff i think about, alot of stuff to show and alot of stuff to say. i'm not good at blogging but i'm gonna try though

So lemme just start it this way. Hi, my name is rachel. I made this blog because I thought it'll be cool to share what I do with my life. I'm a highschooler going into my sophomore year. I'm into dyed hair, art, pastel things and makeup. I don't think I'm good at many things and it's scares me to think about what career I want, the only known thing I think I'm good at is probably having a career as a makeup artist, I love doing it on me and other people and I'd want to further my passion for and some of the post of here will be about it, but so I won't bore anyone about it...of course I'll post many other things. *if you have any suggestions on stuff you want me to post about, please comment or tell me through Instagram* :) Welp, that's it, enjoy. :)